August 6, 2013

Andorra World Cup Wrap Up


So finally I get a chance to sit down and put some thoughts onto the keyboard, or rather a video about my World Cup race in Andorra. I landed back in Cape Town last week Wednesday and hit the ground running. Moving home as well as trying to continue my World Champs build up while trying to recover much lost sleep on my two day journey back to SA left no time for to compose myself and sit down in front of the computer!

You will see from the video clip that the World Cup race really took a lot out of me, and I have to laugh at myself looking back at this clip. Racing a World Cup Cross Country at 1800m is probably the hardest thing I have ever done.

So apart from all that I also found myself on the start line of the Die Burger MTB Challenge in Stellenbosch on Saturday, still with dust on my shoes from Andorra! I surprised myself by putting on a good show by riding away with Waylon Woolcock and Lourens Luus from RE:CM, but after 40km the lack of sleep and rest lead to me cracking and crawling home over the next 35km. Lourens took the win after defeating team mate Waylon in a game of “Ching- Chong- Cha just before the finish line.

My focused speed training began in earnest on Monday with a high explosive gym session in the gym. This included waist high box jumps, squat jumps, single leg explosive step ups, single leg presses, single legs squats, and the a host of core and upper body exercises. Needless so so my glutes and quads are not happy with me this morning.

For the rest of the week I have an evening T-Max session planned on Wednesday, 30 Second Maximum Sprints on Friday, and then a gym session on Sunday. T-Max’s are pretty much the worst session you can do on a bike. It involves riding on an indoor trainer which adjusts the power automatically for 2 minutes hard, then 3 minutes recovery. 8 Times. The power is determined by a Peak Power Output test which most competitive athletes do a couple times a year to see where their performance is at. The last time I did one before heading over to Europe I had to lye on the floor for 30 minutes afterwards to recover!

I’ll keep you posted on how my raining goes this week and what I have planned up my sleeve for next week.

Until then,

Keep doing the ride thing!


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