It’s easy to go out and do a hard ride. Anyone can do that. The questions is, how does one manage this over time? How does one measure effort to ensure it’s sustainable long term, and where does one begin to look when things don’t go to plan?

My programs are based on modern training principles, with an emphasis on building progression from key session to key session. The sessions also carry a strong focus on the quality of the training, making it possible to build good form, especially for riders with time constraints.

I believe balance is the key to long term training success, and it is this approach that I used when training for the 2018 World Cup in Stellenbosch. I structure my programs based on your individual time constraints, resulting in a balanced training program that will result in long term training success.

Coaching Options:
Option 1 - Customised Training Program

Every coaching journey starts with a VO2 Max test in order to establish your current fitness status. This is followed by an assessment of your personal time constraints, goals and upcoming events.  A personalised year plan is then developed to guide training direction.

A training program is developed based on the information provided above, and is updated monthly based on feedback provided at the end of each program, and is incorporated into the next version. Interaction is therefore limited to monthly communication via chosen communication channels on this coaching option.

Option 2 - Interactive Performance Coaching

Building on the above, weekly communication is incorporated alongside a performance management chart to track your current  training load, fatigue, general stress load and current fitness. This interactive training program changes weekly as your needs are assessed to ensure that your program matches where you are at as an athlete as your needs change, from your race schedule, training needs, to personal needs.

It is recommended with both coaching options that a VO2 Max test is performed twice annually in order to asses a riders improvements and training status.

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