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My programs are based on modern training principles, with an emphasis on building progression from key session to key session. The sessions also carry a strong focus on the quality of the training, making it possible to build good form, especially for riders with time constraints. I believe balance is the key to long term training success, and it is this approach that I used when training for the 2018 World Cup in Stellenbosch. I structure my programs based on your individual time constraints, resulting in a balanced training program that will result in long term training success.

Coaching Options:
Mountain bike meerendal
Category 3 - R 750p/m
  • Personalised training plan based on your ┬átime constraints and goals.
  • Personalised Year Plan and Season Builder.
  • Bi- monthly feedback and adjustment.
  • Monthly session analysis on Strava
  • HR monitor essential for this coaching category.
Mountain bike meerendal
Category 2 - R 1500p/m - Most Popular
  • Personalised training program based on time your time constraints and goals.
  • Personalised year plan and season builder.
  • Weekly feedback session with key session analysis and adaptation of training plan if needed.
  • Weekly fatigue monitoring in the form of DALDA and TSS scores.
  • We will also use a performance management chart to help track your training stress and overall training load.
  • A power meter is optional for this coaching category.

Category 1 - R 2500p/m
  • Personalised training program based on your time constraints and goals.
  • Personalised year plan and season builder.
  • Daily feedback and analysis of sessions and adaptation of training plan.
  • Daily fatigue monitoring using TSS and power files to determine training stress.
  • A performance management chart is also utilised to keep track of training load.
  • A power meter in mandatory for this coaching category.

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