November 4, 2014

Cutting to the Chase


So, that time of year has come again it seems. For the third year in row I find myself in the final week leading up to Wines to Whales. With the Adventure having taken place last weekend, and the Ride currently under way, the trails have been ridden out and streamlined, the training has been done and it is now time to make final adjustments to the bike, relax, eat and sleep before lining up at Lourensford on Friday morning.

This year however sees the opposition rise! With competitors such as the pairing Christoph of Sauser and Konny Looser, and Rourke Croeser and Travis Walker, our work has been cut out for us with a precision blade. Last week saw Nico and I hit a few quality intervals together in Tokai in a bid to sharpen up ahead of the big day, and by the looks of things we are ready to draw some blood(Not our own I hope).


In order to take a proper stab at this thing again requires one to be prepared. Coming off the back of the Cape Pioneer Trek a few weeks ago I find myself only just starting to feel normal on the bike again after dealing with some fatigue with just enough time to work on some weak points, namely leg speed and intensity, both of which seem fairly decent  for now. Nico has been been doing races every weekend, and from our interval session it looks like his intensity is there and ready to do some damage.

Equipment wise we will both be running dual suspensions this year, as opposed to the hard tails that we raced last year. Nico on his Momsen Vipa, and me on my Rocky Mountain Element 999. Hopefully we can max out the potential on the singletrack with these rigs, which is bound to add a few more smiles to the event, that is already smile jam-packed!

Race tactics you ask? Although we are defending champions, we are probably not race favourites. Having said that, Nico and I are good friends on and off the bike. We work well together as a team, and are pretty quick in the singletrack. Wines to Whales happens to be both of our favourite events, and coming at the end of a long season of racing it is vital to keep things light and fun, which is exactly what we are going to to. Cruising some of the best trails in the Western Cape with a friend at pace, what could be more fun? After all, good things happen when you have fun!

See you guys on race day.

Keep it rubber side down!

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