Bike Skills

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced rider, we’re all familiar with those moments of fear on the bike. Fear is a good thing, but when we let it rule us, that’s the moment it hinders our riding and progression in the sport.

My philosophy on bike skills is to break it down and isolate those techniques and movements essential to navigating a trail safely and quickly, refining them one by one. The moment we gain control on the bike is when we are better equipped to overcome that fear. Whether you are trying to learn to navigate basic single track safely, or ride an advanced enduo trail, it is this outlook that I apply to all of my lessons

Beginner Skills Lessons

  • This is what you can expect to be covered in a session with me:
  • Braking technique and body positioning

  • How to manual

  • Riding tight corners

  • Using the flow of the trail

Group discounts will apply for more than 2 riders.

Intermediate Skills Lessons

Expect to learn:

  • Mastering the bunny hop technique and applying it to the trail

  • Conquering small jumps safely

  • The manual and how to apply it to a trail

  • Riding bigger drop off’s

  • Berm and cornering technique

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