Rocky Mountain

Race Ready Steed


Lots of people ask me what equipment I use over a multi day event such as the Cape Epic or Cape Pioneer Trek Having tried and tested many combinations of things, tyres, wheels, pedals etc I am happy to say that I have found a build that is reliable enough for a week long event, […]

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Hardtail Happiness


It’s one year on and I find myself once again preparing for what must surely be the Argus of mountain biking. With it’s smooth open gravel roads and most descent than ascent, the Karoo to Coast is one of those rides that every mountain biker, new or experienced gets drawn to year by year. It’s […]

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Burgers for Breakfast


On Saturday, roughly 5000 Capetonians dragged themselves out of hibernation in the wee hours of the morning and descended on Stelenbosch all with the same item on the menu; The Burger Mountain bike race. Some had big burgers on the menu, some medium, and some small, all suiting different appetites and taste preferences, and judging […]

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The Scoop on Sani2c


Mention the name Farmer Glen, and the instant associations you make make are Sani2c, hospitality, awesome trails, awesome food, great people, success and humility. This year Sani2c celebrated it’s 10th birthday, and I was blessed enough to be a part of it. Having been at this event 5 times now, it’s been quite an experience […]

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Pietermaritzburg at its Best


Just when I thought Nick Floros, course designer of the world famous cross country course in Pietermaritzburg that the World Cup Circuit returns to year after year and that also hosted the 2013 World Championships couldn’t do any better, he did. While everyone’s focus was on Tulbagh where the SA National marathon series played host […]

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