ErgoFit Dynamic fitment
Comprehensive FiT - R 795

60-90 Minutes

This is a comprehensive dynamic fitment that includes: 

  • Dynamic physical assessment of the rider including leg length measurements with corrective steps.
  •  ErgoFiT fitment predictive report including frame size prediction. 
  • Full contact point analysis(saddle choice and setup, handlebar setup, grip choice and brake lever/shifter positioning, as well as foot analysis and stabilisation) with corrective solutions. This includes cleat positioning.
  • Dynamic 5 point digital analysis of rider on bike with corrections where necessary. 
  • Q-Factor assessment(Pedal Stance) with corrective measures.
  • Full post bike fitment outcome report for future reference.
  • Other changes and expert advice where necessary, such as tyre and suspension pressure. 
Basic Bike Fit
Basic FiT - R 450

40 Minutes

The Basic Bike Fit option is ideal for riders new to cycling who just need to ensure they have the basics right. The Basic Bike Fit option covers:

  • Basic seat height, handlebar drop and reach measurements
  • Basic saddle fore/aft
  • Cleat positioning
  • Tyre and suspension pressure check.
Times trial fitment
Comprehensive Time Trial Fitment - R995

Covers all the steps followed in the Comprehensive FiT with a translation to Time Trial specific fitment

90-120 Minutes

Fitment follow up
Fitment Follow Ups - R 495

45 minutes

Bike fitment is a dynamic and constantly changing process. As you progress with your riding you will need to have your fitment re- assessed every 8-12 months. You may also have a new bike that needs refitting. With all your previous information stored on our data base, we can do this for you.Questions to ask yourself before a follow up:Have I increased or decreased my training volume?Has my flexibility improved/gotten worse?Have I sustained any long term injuries?If you answered yes to any of these questions it is recommended that you have you fitment re-checked to ensure it is optimised to your needs correctly.

Extra Bikes

Extra bikes are charged at R 295 on top of the original fitment fee.

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